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Markus Rauchecker


Freie Universität Berlin


PhD Candidate

desiguALdades.net: Doctoral Researcher (01/05/2011 - 30/04/2014)

Boltzmannstr. 1
14195 Berlin, Germany
Academic Career
since 05/2011 Scholarship holder of desiguALdades.net
10/2010 - 12/2010 Qualification Scholarship, Colegio de Graduados Entre Espacios
04/2008 - 05/2010 MA in Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin, Otto-Suhr-Institut
10/2001 - 03/2007 MA in Political Science, Geography and History, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Teaching Experience

Summer Semester 2011 Equitable redistribution of the richness of natural resources in Argentina and Brazil? Policy analytical perspective on fiscal and agricultural policy (with Marianne Braig and Constantin Groll)

Territorial and Functional Dimensions of Politics – The Regulation of Pesticides in Argentina

The PhD project aims to examine the interaction between the political process and institutions, particularly when multiple policy fields and varying configurations of state levels are involved. The approach addresses the connection between territorial and functional dimensions of political organization and of political processes to shed new light on the imposition of interests in the political process with respect to formal norms and informal power relations. I analyze pesticide regulation in Argentina, in which interconnected shifts in state levels and policy fields have occurred in the past decade. It was the first Latin American country to adopt a policy of rapid expansion of transgenic soy cultivation as central to not only its agricultural policy but also its export strategy with tremendous consequences for human health and the environment as well as the social structure of soy-producing regions. In some aspects of its pesticide regulation, Argentina has a pioneering role and can be a model for other states, although there are significant problems in implementation related to its particular federal structure. Using primary sources, I use Qualitative Content Analysis (Mayring 2010) to elaborate the complex and changing relationships between regulations, state levels, and policy fields, in which informal power relations play a significant role.

Journal Articles (Peer-Review)

Rauchecker, Markus (2013): „Intellectual Property Rights and Rent Appropriation – Open Conflict regarding Royalties on RR Soy in Argentina“, in: Journal für Entwicklungspolitik, 29 (2).

Journal Articles / Working Papers

Motta, Renata/Poth, Carla/Rauchecker, Markus (forthcoming): „Construction and (De)legitimation of Knowledge – The Case of the Biotechnological Agrarian Model in Argentina”, desiguALdades.net Working Paper Series.

Müller, Frank/Baquero, Jairo/Rauchecker, Markus/Segura, Ramiro (forthcoming): „Examining the Space-Inequalities Relationship: Entangled Histories and New Forms of Enclosure in Latin America”, desiguALdades.net Working Paper Series.

Rauchecker, Markus (2009): „Fortsetzung folgt – Bauern und Bäuerinnen streiken erneut, der Streit um Exportsteuern geht weiter“, in: Lateinamerika Nachrichten, 418.


Rauchecker, Markus (2012): “Violence & (In)Security”, CROLAR – Critical Reviews on Latin American Research, 2.

Rauchecker, Markus/Huffschmid, Anne (editors) (2010): Kontinent der Befreiung? Auf Spurensuche nach 1968 in Lateinamerika, Berlin: Assoziation A.

Book Reviews

Rauchecker, Markus (2013): “Marina A. Sitrin (2012): Everyday Revolutions – Horizontalism and Autonomy in Argentina, London & New York, Zed Books”, in: CROLAR – Critical Reviews on Latin American Research, 3.

Rauchecker, Markus (2012): “Williamson, Jeffrey G. (2011): Trade and Poverty. When the Third World Fell Behind, Cambridge & London: MIT Press”, in: CROLAR – Critical Reviews on Latin American Research, 1.

Conference Presentations

October 29 – November 3, 2012: Intellectual Property Rights and Rent Appropriation. Open Conflict about Royalties on RR Soy in Argentina

Paper presented at Third Summer School of desiguALdades.net on Asymmetries of Knowledge, Unequal Knowledge and Knowledge Inequality, Bogotá & Villa de Leyva, Colombia.


July 15-20, 2012: Challenges of the republican state by transnational economic clusters - The soy sector in Argentina and Bolivia

Paper presented with Simón Ramírez-Voltaire at 54 ICA – International Congress of Americanists, Vienna, Austria.


July 12-13, 2012: Cultivo de soja transgénica y costos socio-ambientales en Argentina - Regulación de agroquímicos

Presentation at the Workshop “Nuevas configuraciones de desigualdades en América Latina – Oportunidades y riesgos de las políticas económicas extractivistas”, Berlin, Germany.


May 23-26, 2012: The regulation process of transgenic cultivations and agricultural exportation – Reduction or persistence of socio-political inequalities under anti-neoliberal governments

Panel (self organized): New extractivism and rent distribution under the left? – Persisting inequalities in the public discourse, regulation and redistribution process

Paper presented at LASA2012 - XXX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, San Francisco, USA.


December 8-9, 2011: The Transnational Soy Commodity Chain and Negotiating the State in Argentina

Poster Presentation at 2nd Annual Conference of desiguALdades.net, Berlin, Germany.


August 25-27, 2011: Power struggles between political center and economic forefront: Regional opposition to anti-neoliberal government projects in Argentina and Bolivia

Paper presented with Simón Ramírez-Voltaire at the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland.


May 26-27, 2011. Inequalities in the regulation process - The case of transgenic seeds in Argentina and Brazil

Paper presented at the ADLAF (German Society of Latin American Studies) Junior Researchers Congress, Tutzing, Germany.

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