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Conditional Cash Transfer Programs, Poverty and Prejudice: analyzing the Bolsa Família Program in Brazil

In my PhD dissertation project I propose to undertake an analysis of predominant representations of the beneficiaries of the Bolsa Familia Program in the Brazilian public sphere. This research proposal is aimed at investigating prejudices toward beneficiaries of the Bolsa Famíliaprogram (i.e. the poorest share of the population and mainly women) by means of a Critical Discourse Analysis of the speech of three central agents of the public sphere: the intellectuals; the journalists; and the upper classes. I will seek to examine which roles power-knowledge schemes related to predominant views concerning poverty reduction, economic development/economic international insertion and social policies play in this debate. In this way, I will seek to study beliefs embedded in statements which address these themes in the media and in selected blogs for the 2004 - 2009 period. It is also intended to examine whether/how the concept of social rights is approached in this debate. Taking these points into account this project proposes the following questions: By which means and terms is the Bolsa Família Program discussed in the public sphere, i.e. which ideas and ideologies are frequently used?

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