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Sofie Tornhill


Stockholm University

desiguALdades.net: Postdoctoral Researcher (01/11/2010 - 30/11/2012)

Universitetsvägen 10
10691 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: ++46 (0) 8-16 2317

Academic Career

since 11/2010 Postdoctoral Researcher desiguALdades.net, Berlin, Germany
08/2003 - 08/2010 PhD in Political Science, Stockholm University, Sweden
08/1995 - 02/2003) Master in Political Science (with Sociology, Economy etc) at Lund University, Sweden

Teaching Experience

2010 Discourse Analysis; Introduction to Poststructuralist Theory; Political Theory; Feminist Theory, Stockholm University, Sweden
2009 Transnational Feminism; Discourse Analysis, Stockholm University, Sweden
2007/2010 Supervision of various Master’s theses, Stockholm University, Sweden
2004/2007 Introduction to International Relations; Globalization and Political Economy, Stockholm University, Sweden


Transnational Infrastructures of Business and Labor. The Politics of Competitiveness in Central America

Recently, competitiveness has become a key element in development politics. “Good Governance”, mechanisms to ensure markets’ openness to products and investment, flexible labor regulations and local entrepreneurship are promoted by institutions like the IMF and the UN, but also by private corporations, specifically targeting their present and future competitors; low and medium income countries. In the context of Central America, a region marked by stark inequalities and a history of foreign interventions, this study situates hereto largely economic and juridical assessments of competitiveness in relation to its political conditions and effects as well as to labor market differences. Empirically, it examines the infrastructures of political influence available to capital and labor respectively. With a comparative ambition, it explores new geopolitical formations in economic integration through analyzing strategies of two organizations, one US- and one Taiwan-based, that promote private sector-led development in Central America. Further, labor organizations’ responses to the “flexibilization” of working conditions are analyzed. Focusing on labor–capital and state–market relations, “macro” and “micro” effects of economic reforms are examined, empirically and theoretically, as embedded in transnational divisions of labor. Thus, the study sheds light on interlocking private–public mechanisms of global and local governance as well as struggles for adequate working conditions.


Tornhill, Sofie (2010) Capital Visions. The Politics of Transnational Production in Nicaragua, Stockholm: Stockholm Studies in Politics 135 (disseratation).
Availabel at: http://su.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?pid=diva2:311662

Journal publications:

Tornhill, Sofie and Helena Tolvhed (2008) “Samhällsomdaningens subjekt och horisonter” [Subjects and horizons of societal transformations], Fronesis, Nr 25-26.
Tornhill, Sofie and Katharina Tollin (2008) “Feministisk kunskapsproduktion och kapitalismens premisser” [Feminist knowledge production and the premises of capitalism], Fronesis, Nr 25-26.
Tornhill, Sofie and Katharina Tollin (2008) ”On the economy of moralism and working-class properness. An interview with Beverley Skeggs”, Eurozine.
Available at: http://www.eurozine.com/articles/2008-04-28-skeggs-en.html
Tornhill, Sofie (2006) “Universalismens brytpunkter – mellan det lika och det olika” [Breakpoints of universality – between the same and the different], Fronesis, Nr 22-23.
Tornhill, Sofie and Maria Carbin (2004) ”Intersektionalitet – ett oanvändbart begrepp?” [Intersectionality – a useful concept?], Kvinnovetenskaplig tidskrift, Nr 3.

Book chapters:

Tornhill, Sofie (2007) “Proper Production - Articulations of Progress and Femininity in Nicaraguan Free Trade Zones” in Lars Lindström (red) Globalization, Imperialism and Resistance, Stockholm: PODSU.


Tornhill, Sofie and Maria Carbin (2005) Recension av Paulina de los Reyes & Diana Mulinaris Intersektionalitet – kritiska reflektioner över (o)jämlikhetens landskap [Book review of Paulina de los Reyes & Diana Mulinari’s ”Intersectionality – critical reflections on the landscapes of (in)equalities”], Kvinnovetenskaplig tidskrift Nr 2-3.

Popular science publications:

Tornhill, Sofie and Catrin Lundström (2008) ”Utspel om Mikrolån” [Articulations on Micro credit], Arena, Nr 4.
Tornhill, Sofie and Anneli Gustafsson (2007) ”Ibland får man fejka ett feministiskt vi” [You sometimes have to fake a feminist ”we”], Bang, Nr 1.
Tornhill, Sofie and Maria Carbin (2006) ”Kletig medkänsla” [Sticky solidarity], Bang, Nr 4.

To be published:

Tornhill, Sofie (2010) “Capital Visions. Scripting Progress and Work in Nicaraguan Free Trade Zones”, Latin American Perspectives

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