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Maria Victoria D'Amico


Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento

Departamento de Sociología

PhD Candidate

desiguALdades.net: Visiting Doctoral Researcher (01/01/2012 - 22/07/2012)

Avda. 7 No. 776
1900, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Office hours


Academic Career

01/2012 - 06/2012 Scholarship holder of desiguALdades.net
2006 Degree in Sociology- Universidad Nacional de La Plata
2010 Magíster in Social Sciences- Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social- Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento
2010 PhD  (candidate) -Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social- Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento

Teaching Experience

2008 - 2009 Assistant Professor in General Sociology,  Universidad Nacional de La Plata
2009- continuing Assistant Professor in Argentinian society´s analysis, Universidad Nacional de La Plata
2011 Professor in the seminary “¿Is it possible social integration? Inequalities, social politics and popular groups in recent Argentina”, in Maestría en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, September- December 2011.  Virtual course.

Inequalities, Citizenship and Social Politics. The Focalized Social Programmes in Argentina and their Relationship with the Reconfiguration of Transnational Definitions of Asymmetries (2001- 2010).

Social programs suffered big transformations after the 70 decade, when multilateral financial organizations acquired a central influence on the design and financing of social programs. This global transformations spread through Latin American countries several focalized programs which aim was the population described as “vulnerable” and “poor”. They took into account the livelihood conditions in the present over the processes which have originated and deepened the asymmetries of power.   Also, this transnational configuration required a relevant presence of the national states, as to implement social programs was necessary to have an executive actor at national government’s scale.

In this context, we ask: which shape does it take the interdependence between the lineaments of social programs designed transnationally and the specific way they acquire in local contexts? For this project we have chosen the Argentinian case.  Particularly, we are interested in analyzing how do the logics of (de)commodification but also the ones of (de)familiarization of the welfare the states propose through its social politics, impact on the way the social inclusion is considered and put into practice. We aim to analyze both the categories the state uses to build the social problems as a public issue as well as what people “on benefit” feel and think about their situation after the implementation of a new social program, the Asignación Universal por Hijo in 2009.

This research takes part in a wider debate on the scopes of citizenship. The aim is to comprehend the ways in which inequalities linked to social programs are built, legitimate, reinforced or modified in a local experience, by taking into consideration the relationship between the state and the people who receive social programs.

Last, we seek to explore the entanglements between the transnational category of “on benefit” commonly used by assistencial politics and the local experiences and meanings about “being on benefit”.



(2009) D´Amico, María Victoria y Jerónimo Pinedo -“Rescatarse y trabajar desde lo social: two senses about participating in an unemployment´s organization. A narrative´s perspective”, published in Revista Question, número 23 – invierno. ISSN: 1669-6581. (15 págs.)

(2009)- “The hidden  networks of collective violence”, in Cuadernos del CISH-Sociohistórica, Buenos Aires, FaHCE-UNLP -Prometeo, nº 21/22- ISSN: 1514-0113. pp. 267-272. (reseña)

(2010)- D´Amico, María Victoria y Jerónimo Pinedo. “Debates on researchings about “piqueteros”. Some keys to their understanding” en Cuadernos del CISH-Sociohistórica, Buenos Aires, FaHCE-UNLP- Prometeo, nº 25- second semester 2009. ISSN: 1514-0113. Pp.155-182.

(2010)- D´Amico, María Victoria. "“Everything for children” or the fights for the meanings of politic. Social programmes,  legitimating notions and collective project in a local space of sociability” en Cuestiones de Sociología, number 5/6, revista del Departamento de Sociología de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata. ISSN: 1668-1584. Pp- 55-74.

(2011)- Ortiz, Renato, "Globalization: notes on an actual debate". Revista Latinoamericana de Metodología de las Ciencias Sociales, vol 1, n.1, pp. 102-115. First semester. ISSN: 1853-7863. Available in http://www.relmecs.fahce.unlp.edu.ar/numeros/v1n1/articulo%204-%20vol%201-%20n.%201.pdf (translation)


November 2005

-IV Jornadas de Sociología, Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Presentation: “Social programmes and social organization in  Berisso” (in colaboration).

November 2007

-VII Jornadas de Sociología de la UBA. Ponencia: “The duality of social programmes: politics for integrating or for limitating popular organization? A valid question”.

September  2008

-II Jornadas de Graduados-Jóvenes investigadores de la FAHCE- UNLP, Project: “Communitary action and social programmes in Gran La Plata: the transformations of social organizations since the implementation of the Seguro de Capacitación y Empleo y the  Plan Familias”, September, 3-5.

December 2008

-  V Jornadas de Sociología de la FAHCE-UNLP, December, 10-12.  Presentation: “Trabajar desde lo social y rescatarse: two different meanings about participating in an unemployment´s  organization. A narrative´s perspective”.

September 2009

- XXVII Congreso ALAS, Buenos Aires, August 31- September 4. Presentation: “The different analysis´ perspectives about organizations of piqueteros in Gran Buenos Aires.  Some notes for the debate about collective action in Argentina.”

October 2009

- VIII Reunión de Antropología del Mercosur, Buenos Aires, September 29- October 2. Presentation: “Not punteros, neither piqueteros. Notes on the organization networks in urban popular groupes which receive social programmes”. Available in the congress´ memories

- V Congreso Octubres Latinoamericanos, jornadas del IPECAL, Buenos Aires, October 28-30. Presentation: “Communitary organizations and recovered factories: an epistemological perspective” (en colaboración: María Mercedes Paitroulleau).

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