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Trans-nationalism and the Democratization of Citizenship: Contemporary Struggles Over Sexual Rights in Argentina

This research investigates the impact of current sexual transnational politics on the contemporary reconfiguration of democracy, citizenship and national identity rhetoric in the context of the democratic turn in Argentina, which gained particular attention after the 2001 fiscal crisis. To consider this issue, I analyse Argentina's recent legislation and relevant public discourses (including key controversies that assumed significant proportions in the media) with regard to the area of sexual rights and intimate citizenship. This research bears on the question of gender and sexual equity in its intersection with the formation of new democratic political subjects. This project develops further the work carried out for my PhD thesis, which investigated the articulation of the performative theory of gender and subject formation with the regulation of sex work and sexual minorities politics in post-dictatorial Buenos Aires. Hence, by pursuing this research further, I aim to develop my own extensive and more fully inter-disciplinary specialization in the field of gender, sexuality and citizenship, as well as to gain a more internationally informed knowledge about how this conjunction of sexuality and citizenship operates within and across national frames. In this way, the research seeks to provide a thorough critical perspective useful for those working in socio-legal and policy fields, feminist scholars and social scientists in general within a post-national framework.

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