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Cluster C: Global Valorization of Nature

The first phase of desiguALdades.net showed that the inclusion of the environment in the analysis of social inequalities in Latin America allows a better understanding of their multidimensionality and their transregional interdependencies. In particular, the temporal and spatial dimensions of social inequalities could be worked out. Currently, Latin American countries are facing an increasing global demand for raw materials, agricultural products and ecosystem services (e.g. carbon sinks). This global valorization of nature is enabled, deepened and sometimes limited by heterogeneous international legal frameworks, legal practices and sectoral policies (regarding production, commerce and investments, environment, knowledge, indigenous peoples) with various, often conflicting goals (see also Focal Study 2).

In the second phase, the role of the global valorization of nature for social inequalities in Latin America will be addressed. Special attention will be given to the discrepancy between the global configuration of inequalities and the local, subnational and national arenas of disputes and conflicts, where access to nature as well as distribution of gain, losses and risks are negotiated.

Two focal studies, one on lithium mining (Argentina and Chile) and another on REDD (Peru) will deepen certain aspects of the analysis.

Cluster C interacts closely with Cluster B as well as with Focal Study 2 and Focal Study 3. The common goal is to examine jointly the role of the state at its different levels with regard to distributive aspects of the global valorization of nature.

Coordination: Barbara Göbel


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