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Assessing Local Elites and Political Institutions Using Census Data: the cases of Brazil and Mexico.

Place: Latin American Center / Graduate Program in Development – Brown University

Date: 11/05/2012


Challenges of State Reform in Latin America

Place: International Relations Institute – São Paulo University, Brazil.

Date: 17/07/2011.


Local government and the welfare State

Place: Political Science Department – São Carlos Federal University, Brazil.

Date: 07/05/2011.


Regimes and Outcomes of Social Policy in Brazilian Municipalities

Place: Latin American Centre, Oxford University, United Kingdom

Date: 27/01/2011.


Populism and other masks: Dilemmas and complementarities of contemporary political representation

Place: Salamanca University, Salamanca, Spain

Date: 11/11/2009.


Strategies in Fighting Poverty: The Bolsa FamiliaProgram and Regional Inequalities

Place: Fernando Pessoa University, Porto - Portugal

Date: 11/6/2008.

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