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Subnational Government, Structural Heterogeneity, Development, and Inequality in Latin America

The main task of the research proposal is to investigate the sustainability of the recent Project of social inequalities reduction experienced by Latin American countries in the last decade. The purpose is to investigate the effect of structural heterogeneity and subnational inequalities on the sustainability of the recent process of inequality reduction. On the one hand, the productive changes will be examined both between economic sectors and inside a same sector (particularly those transformations related to primary goods and their structural differences such as the existent between traditional agriculture and agribusiness) and their consequences in terms of inequality reduction or reproduction. On the other hand, the project aims at determining how the spatial variation in economic and politico-institutional terms can affect the state capacity to evaluate and promote public policies able to reduce those inequalities between different parts of a same country and to have a significant impact on the aggregate (national) indicators of inequality.

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