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Public Events

desiguALdades.net uses several instruments in order to carry out its research program and network objectives. Scholars in the network organize and participate in panels at international conferences. Over the two-year course of the second phase (2014-16), there will also be workshops focused on the themes of the three clusters and the five focal studies. At the 5th International desiguALdades.net Summer School in Mexico City in March 2015, advanced doctoral students and established researchers on interdependent inequalities from Latin America and Europe will discuss the theme of social mobility and inequality in greater depth. Similarly, the desiguALdades.net Doctoral Student Colloquium gathers doctoral students from the participating institutions working on themes of interdependent inequalities.  The network also organizes public lectures periodically at each of the core institutions. Members of the network contribute to the coordination of conferences for ADLAF, the Association for German Research on Latin America. Finally, at the 4th International Conference planned for early 2016 in Berlin, results of the clusters and focal studies will be presented.


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