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International Conference

International Conference of the Research Network on Interdependent Inequalities in Latin America desiguALdades.net:

Rethinking Equality: Interdependent Inequalities in Latin America

March 3 - 4, 2016



Ihnestraße 16-20,

14195 Berlin, Germany

Download: Conference Program

The International Research Network on Interdependent Inequalities in Latin America desiguALdades.net has highlighted the relevance of global interdependencies for shaping social inequalities in Latin America in their multiple dimensions. Yet, its research has also shown how the actual impact of global factors on patterns of (in-) equality is still highly dependent upon national, regional or local political, economic and social contexts. The discrepancies between the global configuration of inequalities and the national, regional or local embeddedness of the arenas in which struggles for more equality take place were at the center of the network’s research agenda in recent years. The objective was to understand how global interdependencies that shape (in-) equalities in Latin America are mediated by and interplay with both specific institutional arrangements on the national and subnational levels as well as the different bargaining strategies of the actors involved. Four thematic areas were of key relevance for analyzing the current dynamics of (in-) equalities in Latin America. They constitute the four panels of the conference.


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